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The Connecticut Renaissance Faire®

26th Anniversary Celebration!

Thimbleberry the Woodsprite

Oct 12 thru 14 only! One of the Favorite Acts from Robin Hood’s Faire! Thimbleberry has collected magical and obscure fairytales to bring to the human realm in an interactive storytelling experience that will delight young and old alike! Between shows, you may find her wandering the lanes with a smile for everyone she meets.

Vixens En Garde

Sept 14 thru 22 Only! Don’t miss this show! The Vixens En Garde are a gorgeous group of blades for hire, taking on traditionally masculine roles, changing the narrative around both Shakespeare and femininity through comic story-telling and powerful swordplay. Their shows yield highly entertaining gender-reversals, clever staging, fierce action sequences, and audience participation that always makes […]

The Brigands

Returning Favorites from days of Yore! Sept 7-8 Only! The Brigands are BACK!!  The Brigands, the East Coast’s top pirate band are back. The 4 piece, multi-talented bad boys of piracy will present music of the sea, piracy, skulldugery, booty and more piracy, as only they can.  Featuring much of the music from their 10th […]

Circus Stella

NEW! Sept 14 tru 22 only! Dextre Tripp and his rescued canine companions perform amazing circus stunts in new, unexpected ways! Come see their hilarious presentation featuring ladder balancing, juggling, rope-walking, unicycles, and tricks for treats. Just guess who does what. Will Dextre get the chicken snack or will it all go to the dogs? […]

Pinwheel Sideshow

NEW! Sept 28 thru Oct 14 Only! Pippsy the clown brings the amazing world of sideshow to the stage!  Watch in awe as she flirts with death swallowing swords and more! This show has it all – comedy, suspense, puns, danger and a drinking game!

EC Hanna: The Elemental Conjuror

NEW! Sept 28 thru 14 Only! There are tricks at every corner and hijinks up his sleeves!  Come watch this frenzied fellow try to keep control of the elements in this thrilling show which features manic magic, hilarious banter, and rare curiosities that dazzle young and old alike. 

Roxie Fireheart

NEW! Oct 5 thru 14 Only! Roxie is an internationally-celebrated aerial acrobat making her dazzling debut at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire. Her fearless strength and beauty will set your heart ablaze! Watch as she dances high in the air upon her trapeze! Will she plummet to the Earth only to meet a certain doom? You’ll be […]

Haywire Circus

New! Aug 31 thru Sept 8 only! One-woman-circus-show “Haywire Circus” offers juggling, engaging audience participation and a breathtaking tightwire number that’s sure to surprise and delight audiences of all ages. Be prepared to leave with a smile—and memories that last a lifetime. 

The Rowdy Bardlings

NEW! Sept 21 thru Oct 6 only! Celtic Rock, Songs of the Sea & Folk Music with a rock & roll edge. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll likely run in terror…but please don’t! Enjoy these wacky bards as they perform songs from throughout history.

Les Derniers Trouvères

NEW! Aug 31 thru Sept 8 only! Les Derniers Trouvères (The Last Trouvères) is a French performance troupe deeply rooted in the medieval music of France.  Using period instruments such as the Bombard, Bagpipe, Krummhorn, different types of Flûte à Bec, Mandoloncello and percussion, the music and song of the Middle age centuries is recreated and brought alive to the delight of […]