The fun begins on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, September 2



The Connecticut Renaissance Faire®

25th Anniversary Celebration!

The Foxy Bard

Sept 30/Oct 1 Only! Throughout his travels, David Anthony, The Foxy Bard, has learned many great songs and ballads, from songs of gallantry meant to stir men to great deeds, to songs rife with metaphor and innuendo meant to make the ladies blush. Whether at a royal court or at a common pub, The Foxy […]

Meadow Perry, Bubble Magician

Sept 2, 3, & 4 ONLY! Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing journey into the world of enchantment and soap bubbles, guided by the unparalleled talents of Meadow Perry. With the wave of her hand, she conjures breathtakingly beautiful magic from thin air, defying the very laws of nature. This sorceress of soap bubbles doesn’t […]

Wolf Argent Living History Encampmet

Sept 16 thru Sept 24 only! Visit the living history encampment of Wolf Argent on the Highlands for a taste of what life was like in days of old. Weapons Training (throughout the day): Our wandering recruiter sends fairegoers over to the Living History Camp to be trained as pikemen for the Duke of Burgundy. They’ll get […]

To Be or Not To Be A Princess

Come greet Princess Grace and Princess Maeve and learn about life in their Royal Family. Things may not always be as they appear. The Highnesses would love to share stories with you.

Midwife Crisis

Never fear! Midwife Blair Hoskins is here to deliver her teachings of childbearing! Come prepare yourself for parenthood and or gawk the spectacle. There will be whimsy, adult subject matter, and onions.

Flying Dog Circus

Sept 23rd thru Oct 1 Only! Flying Dog Circus brings a brand new show for 2023! Get ready for a dog gone good time with fancy dog tricks, audience interaction, dog dancing plus fast moving routines set to lively music. These dogs will steal your heart and keep you smiling. 

Thunder’s Power Show

Oct 7th thru 15th only! Thunder’s Power Show is a comedy tour-de-force featuring world class circus skills.   Whether demonstrating his outrageous babysitting methods with his “niece” or performing impossible balances — he will have you laughing out loud one moment and gasping in awe the next.

LUTE the Living Statue

Behold a true work of art come to life at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire! Our mesmerizing living statue embodies grace, serenity, and kindness, enchanting all who witness her ethereal movements. No cheap thrills or rude surprises here – just a stunning display of intentional motion that’s sure to captivate your heart and imagination. You’ll find […]

The Harlot Queens

Come see these cunning and mischievous queens at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire! With their wit, charm, and captivating voices, these sultry sirens will regale you with tales of their colorful pasts while luring you into their spell. Don’t be surprised if they pick your pocket or convince you to pose for some “artistic” photos. But […]

The Harp Twins

Sept 23, 24, 30 & Oct 1 Only! Enjoy a mesmerizing musical performance by The Harp Twins at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire! This dynamic duo is renowned for their unique blend of classical, rock, and pop music, entertaining audiences worldwide. Camille and Kennerly Kitt have performed for world leaders, tech titans, and fashion moguls at […]