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The Connecticut Renaissance Faire®

26th Anniversary Celebration!

The Brigands

Returning Favorites from days of Yore! Sept 7-8 Only! The Brigands are BACK!!  The Brigands, the East Coast’s top pirate band are back. The 4 piece, multi-talented bad boys of piracy will present music of the sea, piracy, skulldugery, booty and more piracy, as only they can.  Featuring much of the music from their 10th album, “Raging Seaward” and many of their fan favorite songs from the last 23 years.  For those unfortunate swabs who have not heard The Brigands before, be prepared to hear pirate music as you have little imagined it.  From hard driving fiddle tunes, to rousing songs of carousing, to plantive pleas to the sea-gods for succor to, well, scheming for treasure,  The Brigands have music for one and all!  Every show is 100% different and unique, so be sure to catch each one!