You deserve the royal treatment at The Connecticut Renaissance Faire, and we’ve got just what you need. Our VIP program sets you apart at the Faire with various amenities fit for nobility. Here is what you can expect during your day-long VIP visit:

One VIP ticket is good for one person. 

Return tickets are given at the end of the day upon receipt of your VIP badge by our host. Return tickets can be used for return visits only (not for friends on your VIP day) and cannot be upgraded to VIP for other dates.

  • VIP Parking: Park up near the gate in a VIP-Only parking area  
  • VIP Area: You’ll have it made in the shade in a VIP-only tent nearby the food court and directly connected to a VIP-only pub service window. This area has VIP-only tables and seating for a more relaxed eating experience.
  • Return Tickets: Receive two General Admission tickets to return to the Faire. Please return to the Faire another day or share the tickets with friends.
  • VIP Host: A dedicated VIP host will check you in, give you your VIP pass & return tickets, and provide your food ticket. They’ll upkeep the area and keep it strictly VIP-only. Tipping your host appropriately for good service is encouraged
  • VIP Lunch: Get a meal ticket from our VIP host to use at the Festival Foods or Royal Subs Shop booth. Show your ticket and ask for the lunch combo. Sorry, no vegetarian options at this time.
  • Celebrity Visits: Throughout the day, performers will stop by to say hello. This is an excellent opportunity for selfies!
  • VIP Drinks: We’ll provide a cooler with ice water and Gatorade.
  • VIP Seating: We have reserved seating at the Joust specifically for our VIP Guests.

It’s SO Worth It!

You get all this for only $60 making your VIP visit even better.

There are only 25 VIP slots available each day, so sign up now before they’re gone.

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