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The Connecticut Renaissance Faire®

26th Anniversary Celebration!

Les Derniers Trouvères

NEW! Aug 31 thru Sept 8 only! Les Derniers Trouvères (The Last Trouvères) is a French performance troupe deeply rooted in the medieval music of France.  Using period instruments such as the Bombard, Bagpipe, Krummhorn, different types of Flûte à Bec, Mandoloncello and percussion, the music and song of the Middle age centuries is recreated and brought alive to the delight of audiences world-wide.  Audience participation is encouraged through dance and is led by their own lead dancer.  Les Derniers Trouvères, in their beautiful period costumes, will transport you back to King Arthur’s grand court with both music and songs sung in French and English.  You will find them leading the processions during the faire day, on their own stage for enthralling sets and at the days end Finale.