The fun begins when you let yourself go, leaving your headaches behind. Revel in the day as you laugh, smile, and boost your mood with continuous themed entertainment throughout the Faire.
Unless otherwise specified, all shows are included with admission. Some shows may busk (pass the hat for tips). If you enjoyed a performance consider showing your gratitude. Tipping is always done at your discretion.
Here is some of what we have in store for you.

Bloggio the Minstrel

Bloggio sets the mood for any occasion with thousands of songs on the fingertips of this musical master.

Living History Camp – Das Geld Fähnlein

A Landsknecht reenactment unit out of Connecticut, USA, portraying soldiers of the Holy Roman Empire in the late 1520s. Join us! (no really…ask about joining the group!)

The Penniless Jacks

The Penniless Jacks are charismatic purveyors of pub music. Whether it be centuries-old shanties, boisterous drinking songs, or rousing rebel tunes, these musicians will have you singing and clapping along to their unique sound and energy. Weeks 2, 3, 4 & 6 only!

Sheriff Bracken

Take care as thou walkest the streets of the shire, lest thee cross the path of our diligent Sheriff. A staunch enforcer of the law, he shalt not hesitate to ticket all who raise his ire! Is not justice fun?


Fairies from the Glen Wood

Sept 23 to Oct 8 only! You will never find another family of fairies who change and continue to evolve in skills and talents as these fairies! When you meet any one of them, you can be sure that they will never look the same, for just as the seasons change in everyday moments, so do they! Their whimsical shows and appearances will enchant you and your whole family.

The Trouvères

The Trouvères is a high energy performance troupe which combines an audience-interactive show with songs, music, and plenty of audience participation!. Celtic, Traditional, Ren Fest, Mid-Eastern, and other styles are blended with innovative instrumentation and powerful vocals to create a unique music and performance experience that will appeal to all ages.

Birds of the Gauntlet

Full Flight falconry and bird of prey shows.

Cooking Demonstration

11AM and throughout the day at the Living History Encampment. An army marches on its stomach and the women of das Geld Fähnlein are experts at keeping those stomachs full! Campfire cooking produces amazing results in the hands of these skilled camp followers. #CTFAIRE

The Lords of Adventure

You can choose to be a hero or be a victim by accident! These identical twin sword-fighting brothers will teach you to release your inner hero in this hysterical sword-fighting comedy show. Don’t miss the Lords of Adventure.


Mandrake’s Mystery!

There’s been crime committed in the shire and it’s up to super sleuth Lady Mandrake to solve it! The problem is, she’s a bit of a scatterbrain and needs your help. Do you have what it takes to solve Mandrake’s Mystery?

Medical Demonstration

230pm at the Living History Encampment. Soldiers are highly prone to injury and illness, which is why das Geld Fähnlein has skilled medical personnel on hand to handle emergencies as they arise. Covering everything from balancing your humours to amputating a shattered limb, the latest in medical knowledge will amaze and, likely, disturb you. #CTFAIRE

Adamo Ignis Fire & Danger

Adamo Ignis’ is latin for ‘to fall in love with flame’. Exactly what you’ll be doing when you see the literally hot stunts in this group’s show! The passion of dance, the danger of fire, and of course many other stunts and tricks will leave you in love with more than just the flame…

All days except Sept 15/16

Knights School

Explore an interactive knight encampment hosted by the Knights of Gore, learn combat moves with a sword, see armored combat demonstrations, join a quest, and learn how knights lived long ago.

Master Hildebrand – Magician at Large

Comedy & magic at its finest with CT’s fastest growing magician!

Princess Story Time

Tales and songs of adventure, heroes, dragons, and so much more! Princess Isadora and Adelaide will regale you with stories of life at court and that time THEY saved the kingdom & rescued the knight in distress. Yep, it really happened.

Armored Combat Demo

Watch as the Knights of Gore don full plate armor and beat the living daylights out of each other in an unrehearsed, no holds-barred, medieval battle.

The Graces

A high energy musical comedy act, featuring sexy wenches armed with beautiful harmonies, sharp wit, and heavy innuendo. A unique treat sure to delight! Your hosts at The Chamber Pot Stage…AKA Grace-Land!

The French Connection

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, has accepted a visitation from King Henry III of France and members of the Catholic Church. The meeting to be the first of a possible courtship between the two monarchs. However, the day’s events are complicated by the Queen’s malady, with mad medicine, meddling clergy, and plenty of comical errors.

Brewing Demonstration/Baking Demonstration

Good beer is nothing new. For centuries Bavaria has been at the forefront of brewing knowledge. Come and learn how beer was made in the 16th century – Bread is the staple of life, and baking needs to happen whether you are at home of on the march. Come and see bread made in an authentic earthen oven! Alternating Days at the Living History Encampment!

Meet the Royals

Join the Queen and her court as she welcomes you to the shire and the festival.  This is your chance to rub elbows with royalty and grab a selfie or two so make sure you don’t forget your camera!. #CTFAIRE

Spur of the Moment Jousting

Spur of the Moment is a home grown stunt and equestrian team created almost 20 years ago. We are an independent team available for any style event.

Archery Demo with Master Archer Bill Darr

Come see the wonders of the bow in action! See demonstrations of the shooting and history of archery by Master Archer Bill Darr. See different weapons from the Renaissance such as the English longbow, European flat bow, and the crossbow.

Shakespeare Approves – Your Friendly, Neighborhood Shakespeare – Weekend 5-7 only!

Join your friendly, neighborhood Shakespeare as he takes you on adventures full of merriment, sword fights, mistaken identities, star-cross’d lovers, romance, shipwrecks, musical numbers, death by fluffy kittens, and … being pursued by a bear. The Shakespearean adventures are performances shaped to be fun for everyone! Where there’s a Will, there’s a Play!

Misfits of Avalon

Beautiful Contemporary and Traditional Celtic Music. The Misfits of Avalon are a collaboration between longtime friends Brian Weiland and Max Cohen. They are joined by Brian’s son Liam on percussion and cello, and his daughter Avalon on Celtic harp. 


Join us for an amazing interactive LARP that turns your whole faire experience into a giant game! Earn experience points and level up as a warrior, rogue or wizard. Join us on quests throughout the day.

The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys are a troupe of high energy performers who have joined forces to bring the world a unique blend of original music, and traditional folk tunes, along with contemporary and classic rock n’ roll parodies with a renaissance flair. Columbus Day Weekend Only! 

Zoltan the Adequate – Weekend 1-4 only!

Sept 1 thru Sept 23 only! Zoltan brings that flavor to his shows with effects such as nearly cutting off his own arm, fire-eating or piercing his arm with a foot-long rod. He’ll do whatever it takes to (adequately) entertain his audience.


Weapons Demo by das Geld Fähnlein

1:45 on the Joust Field – Witness the latest in military technology and technique as demonstrated by the members of das Geld Fähnlein. From swords to guns, these Landsknecht are the most feared soldiers on the 16th century battlefield. Warning: guns will be fired.

Princess Tea Time

Come and share a cup of tea with Princesses Adelaide and Isadora, as they share their stories, adventures, and games with you! Twice daily at the Princess Tea Time Tent at the Shady Glen

The Bawdy Buccaneers

Pillaging, Pirating, plotting to overthrow the Captain, trying to remember the lyrics to our song after too much rum. You know. That kind of thing.

Donkey Rides

Mount your noble steed and ride to battle…or maybe just take a tour of the shire. Donkey rides will be available all days EXCEPT Sept 15, 22 & 23

Shelli Buttons

Adorable, fun, and feisty…. cute as a button! Packed with mad skills in the air and on the ground. Aerial silks, juggling, balancing on the tops of bottles…this amazing woman will keep you coming back for more!

Royal Flush

Every time you come to the faire and use the privy, you put food on their plate and smiles on their faces. The Royal Plumbers are here to serve, make you laugh, and wet your britches. Come see the Number One-Number Two show in all of Lebanshire!