The Connecticut Renaissance Faire

Every Saturday & Sunday, Plus Labor Day and Columbus Day Monday
September 3 – October 16, 2022  10:30am – 6pm

Faire Address: 122 Mack Road, Lebanon CT

Feast like a king, shop like a queen and laugh like a fool. Leave your worries behind when you step through the gates of the 23rd annual Connecticut Renaissance Faire. This enchanted recreation of a 16th-century harvest festival will take you back to the days of yore where you’ll see jousting, live-flight birds of prey, comedy, magic, and so much more. A family adventure for all ages awaits!

The Faire takes place on the Lebanon County Fairgrounds at 122 Mack Road in Lebanon, CT.  [Get Directions]

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Get Tickets to the Faire

Tickets to the Faire are on sale beginning July 15 and are also available at the door on all event days. Admission includes all stage and street performances. Avoid lines by purchasing advance tickets online.

Youth Admission

$10Tax Included
  • Ages 7-15

General Admission

$15Tax Included
  • Ages 16+

Child Admission

$0Tax Included
  • Ages 6 & Under

Pet Admission

$5Tax Included
  • See Pet Details Below
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Faire Rules & Information

  • Where: The faire is located at 122 Mack Road, Lebanon CT
  • When: Saturdays and Sundays (including Labor Day & Indigenous People’s Day (columbus day) Sept 4 to Oct 17.
  • Hours: Faire hours are 1030am to 6pm (unless otherwise noted for special late-night events)
  • Tickets: You can purchase tickets through our website to avoid entry lines or get your tickets at the Faire on all festival days.
  • Cannons: Out of respect for individuals with noise sensitivity, there will be no opening or closing cannon. However, there are some shows that may use blackpowder weapons to demonstrate period warfare and training. Those demonstrations will be clearly marked on the schedule.
  • Fairgrounds: We are an outdoor event, which means you’ll likely encounter bees and other insects as well as varying temperatures and rain. The grounds are mostly level, but some areas have steep slopes or stairs.
  • Inclement Weather: Please visit our Facebook page for up-to-date closure info or phone 860-478-5954 before heading out. We strive to remain open on most rain days, but will close due to safety concerns.
  • Costumes: Guests are welcome to wear family-friendly costuming to get into the fun. Costuming doesn’t have to be “Renaissance” as we’re a fantasy-based event. Come as you are or as you wish to be… Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Superheros, Villains, Stormtroopers, etc.
  • Costume Weapons: Costume weapons (swords, for example) must be peace-tied at the gate.
  • Wheelchairs: The site is wheelchair accessible with some steep slopes in places. Sorry, we don’t have wheelchairs for rent.
  • Service Animals: Service animals are admitted without charge. Service dogs must still have proof of current rabies vaccination. Per the ADA, comfort animals or emotional support animals are not service animals.
  • Refunds: The Faire does not offer refunds or ticket exchanges including refunds for closure due to weather, acts of god, or other reasons beyond our control.
  • Containers: No outside alcohol. Faire management reserves the right to inspect any guest containers (backpacks, bags, purses, bottles, etc) at any time.
  • PhotographyCommercial photography is forbidden without written permission from festival management. All guests of the Faire may take photographs or video for personal use only. For the safety of our guests Faire management reserves the right to ask any individual on the premisis to stop on site photography or videography at any time for any reason.  All attendees, whether paid or free admission, grant The Connecticut Renaissance Faire permission for their photograph to be used in our collateral materials. Parents or guardians of a child grant the Faire permission to use their photograph in our collateral materials.
  • Busking: Busking is an old-world term that means to “Pass the Hat” as a way to solicit tips. If you enjoy a show, consider showing your gratitude. Tipping is always done at your own discretion.

The Connecticut Renaissance Faire is a proud supporter of the Connecticut Humane Society. 

Pet Rules & Information

  • Dog Policy: CTFAIRE welcomes all well behaved dogs the following rules are mandatory:
    • Intact dogs in heat are not permitted.
    • Dogs must be leashed at all times. 6 foot maximum leash.
    • All dogs must have proof of age-appropriate vaccinations.
    • NOTE: Many puppies are not yet old enough to have their rabies vaccination. It is the owner’s responsibility to assess the risk of bringing young puppies to an outdoor event. We will not be held responsible for any illness a puppy may contract due to their age.
  • Friendly Pets Only: Public-friendly pets are welcome at the Faire on all event days. 
  • Leashes: Pets must be leashed. Dogs must be on short leashes no longer than 6 feet.
  • Clean Up: Guests are expected to clean up and maintain control of their pets.
  • Types of Pets: We have seen all types of pets over the years including dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, rats, lizards and even a goat. No horses, donkeys, mules, livestock, etc. The Faire reserves the right to remove/refuse-entry to any pet. If you aren’t sure if your pet will be allowed into the Faire, please contact us before heading our way at 860-478-5954.
  • Service Animals: Service animals are admitted without charge. Service dogs must still have proof of current rabies vaccination. Per the ADA, comfort animals or emotional support animals are not service animals.
  • Notice: For people with small pets (snakes, mice, rats, ferrets, kittens, rabbits), please be advised we have a live-flight birds of prey show. Entering the Faire with a small pet means you understand and accept this risk.
  • Donations: CTFAIRE is a proud supporter of The Connecticut Humane Society. In 2018, we donated 100% of Pet Admission to CHS.

Event Partners

If you enjoyed the event, please help us thank our partners by patronizing their businesses.