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The Connecticut Renaissance Faire®

26th Anniversary Celebration!

Time Travelers Weekend

Warp speed ahead!

Attention all time travelers! Join us for a weekend of geeky adventures at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire. Show off your favorite cosplay and meet other time travelers from different eras. If you choose to “come as you are,” it’s an opportunity to see impressive talent and creativity.


Time Travelers Cosplay Costume Contest: It doesn’t matter where or when you’re from, or even what galaxy. Come dressed as your favorite character from history or fantasy and complete in this Time Travelers Cosplay Costume Contest.


Doctor Who Cosplay Costume Contest: If you have a favorite Doctor Cosplay, now is your chance to show it off. Come dressed as your ideal Doctor, Companion, or other characters from one of our favorite shows.

Whovian Photo Ops: Immediately after the cosplay costume contest, join us at the TARDIS for a group photoshoot of all our Whovian friends.

Monday (Columbus Day)

Loki Costume Contest: Come dressed as a known Loki Variant or create one of your own design.

Meet the Author: Each day of our show, we schedule a new up-and-coming fantasy author. Buy a book, get it signed, join their fan club, and grab a selfie to show you were there. See who the author is for a given day in the Guests Merchants section of our Shops page.

Contest Info: All contests occur on the Sovereign Stage at 2:45 pm. Unless otherwise mentioned, the Faire includes these events with your same-day admission. If you are planning to enter a contest, please arrive 10-15 minutes before starting. At the discretion of the contest host, some events may choose to limit the number of participants in a particular contest due to time restrictions.