Entertaining. Colorful. Fun. The Connecticut Renaissance Faire is your chance to experience what a harvest festival might have been like in 16th century England.

The fun begins when you let yourself go, leaving your headaches behind. Revel in the day as you laugh, smile, and boost your mood with continuous themed entertainment throughout the day. Unless otherwise specified, all shows are included with admission. Some shows may busk (pass the hat for tips). If you enjoyed a performance consider showing your gratitude. Tipping is always done at your discretion.

Here is some of what we have in store for you. More shows are added as the event approaches:


Zoltan the Adequate – Weekend 1-3 only!

Zoltan brings that flavor to his shows with effects such as nearly cutting off his own arm, fire-eating or piercing his arm with a foot-long rod. He'll do whatever it takes to (adequately) entertain his [...]

Vixens En Garde – Weekend 4-6 only!

The Vixens En Garde are an all-female fight company specializing in sword-fighting & Shakespeare; dedicated to being models of feminine strength & ability.

Lancelot the Bald

A comic adventurer he has travelled the known and previously unknown world demanding coin for the performance of cheap stunts, usually delivered with low humor, from any persons foolhardy enough to watch! Weekends 4-6 only

Thimbleberry the Woodsprite

Thimbleberry is a playful little woodsprite who roams around bringing you joy and entertaining young and old alike! Her curious, child-like demeanor enchants everyone she meets and if you play her game, she'll give you [...]

Lord Marshall Laww Comedies

It's the Kangaroo Court Comedy! No charges, no matter how trumped up, go unpunished when the audience is the jury in this hilarious mockery of Renaissance Justice - fun for the whole family!