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The Connecticut Renaissance Faire®

26th Anniversary Celebration!


The Connecticut Renaissance Faire

Merchant Rules

Stone Circle, LLC (FAIRE) does hereby lease and merchant (MERCHANT) does hereby rent from the FAIRE an area on the fairgrounds (BOOTH) assigned by the FAIRE for the sale of its goods and/or services.


The length of the afore-mentioned lease shall begin when the Faire opens for the season and end when the Faire closes for the season.

MERCHANT is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of their sales area in a 10 foot radius around their BOOTH. Including keeping the grass neat and trimmed for faire days.

MERCHANT is responsible for having their BOOTH broken down and removed from the FAIRE site within two (2) days after the Faire closes to the Public for the season. The MERCHANT understands that any goods or property not removed in this timeframe are considered abandoned and the FAIRE may dispose of said goods and property in any manner it deems necessary.

MERCHANT is responsible for collection of and disposal of trash generated by their BOOTH in the FAIRE dumpster outside the grounds. MERCHANT agrees to pay $25 from their Security Deposit for each instance trash is improperly disposed of. Should the FAIRE be needed to clean the MERCHANT BOOTH or sales area, MERCHANT agrees to pay $25 from their Security Deposit. MERCHANT agrees to issue a new Security Deposit for $100 should the full amount of their original deposit be exhausted.

MERCHANT will not exceed the dimensions of the BOOTH space they are leasing unless approved by the FAIRE and paid for in advance. Exceeding the dimensions of your BOOTH space includes adding unauthorized wandering/cart sales. The MERCHANT agrees to pay the maximum BOOTH lease amount for unapproved additions to their BOOTH.

MERCHANT agrees not to use or permit the BOOTH to be used for any illegal, disorderly, or improper purpose in violation of any rules or regulations of the FAIRE. The FAIRE reserves the right to close any MERCHANT BOOTH at any time without refund for non-compliance of rules or for reasons involving safety or the image of the FAIRE.

MERCHANT agrees to ensure its BOOTH is constructed in a secure/safe manner. The FAIRE reserves the right to remove any unsafe BOOTH or display at any time. MERCHANT acknowledges bad weather is a possibility during the FAIRE run and is responsible for safely securing their TENT/BOOTH. MERCHANT is solely responsible for any damage caused to the FAIRE, other MERCHANT BOOTHS, the LEBANON LIONS FAIRGROUNDS, or people.

MERCHANT shall leave its sales area in the condition in which the area was received by the MERCHANT prior to the FAIRE.

MERCHANT will obtain all licenses and permits as required by any government or FAIRE authority as required. This includes, but is not limited to Proof of Insurance, Food Permits, Fire Extinguishers, State and Federal Tax requirements, Tent Fire Ratings, etc. 

MERCHANT understands they are responsible for providing their own BOOTH, costume, shelves, tables, chairs or anything else required to sell at the FAIRE. This includes, but is not limited to, an appropriate wooden sign or similar material that best represents the time period the FAIRE represents. MERCHANT will fashion BOOTH with a Renaissance-Fantasy style that covers exposed pipes, tables, or modern-looking implements. This includes trailers, ovens, grills, etc., the MERCHANT is responsible for. The MERCHANT agrees to pay $100 per day the aforementioned anachronisms are left uncovered. FAIRE ownership will determine what is or isn’t within compliance and notify the MERCHANT should it be necessary to do so.

MERCHANT will provide any required fence panels and supporting beams to the FAIRE at MERCHANT expense as required by the FAIRE to conceal “back stage” areas seen between MERCHANT BOOTHs.

MERCHANT agrees not to have pets in their BOOTH during the FAIRE day. Pets must be left in the camping area. MERCHANT is responsible for the safety of their pet while secured in the camping area. Pets that are a nuisance will be removed from the site by their owner at their own expense

MERCHANT understands adverse weather is a possibility at an outdoor festival and will insure their BOOTH is secured to withstand severe weather. MERCHANT also understand MERCHANT is responsible for damage caused by their BOOTH if it is not properly secured. This includes, but is not limited to fees from the FAIRE for repair work or maintenance on the site. 

MERCHANT agrees to provide a photo of their BOOTH including photos of any signs MERCHANT wishes to display.MERCHANT must also provide photos of employees in costumes to be approved by FAIRE Costumer. MERCHANT understands photos are non-returnable and may require resubmission year-to-year as needed. MERCHANT understands their BOOTH could be closed until employees are in costuming suitable for the FAIRE and approved by FAIRE Costumer.


MERCHANT understands the FAIRE is under no obligation to place the MERCHANT in the same space each year.

MERCHANT may only move its BOOTH with permission from the FAIRE during hours the FAIRE is not in operation.The MERCHANT will be responsible for movement of the BOOTH and its contents.


MERCHANT will work with the FAIRE to help create the illusion of traveling back in time to the Renaissance by wearing approved Renaissance costuming, using period tents or structures that conform to FAIRE standards. MERCHANT will not wear watches; sunglasses; striped, neon or print fabrics; jeans; t-shirts; halter tops; tennis shoes, combat boots, etc. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in fines or removal from this and future events. 

Any authorized weapons worn by the MERCHANT must be peace-tied at all times.

The FAIRE COSTUMER may, at any time, require you to change or alter your costume to fit within these guidelines.Failure to comply could result in fines and/or expulsion from the FAIRE.

MERCHANT understands shoes and shirts are required of all FAIRE participants. FAIRE COSTUMER reserves the right to allow variations on costuming by request.

MERCHANT will insure all employees will remain in costume and in character while in their booth and/or working at the Faire.

MERCHANT understands there is a $100 fine for every instance they (or an employee) are out of costume/character while working at the FAIRE. Out of costume/character includes use of cell phones (i.e. texting) for any purpose other than credit card processing.



MERCHANT understands they must remain open during all hours of faire operation unless given specific permission by the General Manager.

FAIRE management will announce the official close time of the FAIRE at day end.

MERCHANT will not begin to break down their BOOTH until permission to close has been issued by a Faire staff.Early closure of a BOOTH without permission from FAIRE management will incur a $50 fine.

MERCHANT will insure BOOTH is properly staffed even in the event MERCHANT is unable to staff BOOTH due to illness, family emergencies, or anything short of a government issued state of emergency.

MERCHANT understands there is a $100/day fine for having an unopened BOOTH. This fine must be paid before MERCHANT is allowed to open their BOOTH again.

MERCHANT will have any vehicles they or their employees own off site no later than one hour prior to the opening of the Faire day. MERCHANT understands there is a $25 per 15 minute period their vehicle (and/or the vehicle of an employee) is on site past the deadline.

MERCHANT will operate their business rain or shine with the understanding this is an outdoor event. Your merchant fee is non-refundable even in the event of a complete rain-out. Faire will remain open unless conditions warrant early closure for safety reasons.


MERCHANT understands falsely representing employee numbers for BOOTH or attempting to sneak guests on site without permission may result in immediate dismissal without refund.

MERCHANT agrees to behave in a professional manner at all times that best represents the image of their company and of the FAIRE. MERCHANT agrees its employees will maintain this same level of professionalism at all times while at the FAIRE. This includes maintaining a “family-based” show keeping humor in the G to PG range.

MERCHANT understands use of illegal drugs or being intoxicated during faire hours will not be tolerated. Use of illegal drugs after hours will not be tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal of the individual suspected/caught violating this rule.

MERCHANT agrees to abide by all rules stated in this merchant application.

MERCHANT understands that failure to abide by the rules established by the FAIRE may result in immediate dismissal without refund of leasing fees.


MERCHANT agrees to hold Harmless; the Connecticut Renaissance Faire and Stone Circle LLC, or any staff or person involved with the Connecticut Renaissance Faire for any and all damages to persons and properties resulting from acts of God, loss, theft, vandalism, injury or medical emergency. Further: the above mentioned persons, groups or organizations, shall be held harmless from any cause of action, claim or petition, filed in any court or administrative tribunal, arising out of said event, including all costs, attorneys’ fees, judgments or awards.

MERCHANT understands FAIRE ownership reserves the right to make the final interpretation on these rules.

MERCHANT understands BOOTH fee must be paid in full in order to be considered registered for the FAIRE.

MERCHANT understands BOOTH FEE is nonrefundable unless I am refused space or refused in a category of wares I wish to sell.


MERCHANT understands and agrees the FAIRE, in its sole discretion, may refuse at any time to allow a MERCHANT to display and/or sell any goods the FAIRE deems inappropriate.

The FAIRE will not be held responsible for any financial loss incurred by the MERCHANT if any good(s) that were not approved in advance must be removed from the MERCHANT BOOTH.

MERCHANT understands though there may be an on-site security presence during the FAIRE day and throughout the week, the FAIRE is not responsible for damage to or theft of MERCHANT property at any time for any reason. MERCHANT understands this policy extends to employees and vehicles of the MERCHANT and employees.

MERCHANT agrees to pay $100 per saleable item they wish to add to their BOOTH after MERCHANT Agreement has been approved by the FAIRE.

MERCHANT agrees to pay $100 (and remove items from BOOTH immediately) for each item found in their BOOTH that has not been approved contractually in writing by the FAIRE in this MERCHANT AGREEMENT. MERCHANT understands that submitting a photo of an item MERCHANT would like to sell in their BOOTH does not guarantee right to sell.

MERCHANT understands the FAIRE reserves the right to limit or exclude any item sold by the MERCHANT at any time for any reason.

MERCHANT understands the FAIRE provides a setting in which MERCHANT may sell goods or services. The FAIRE is in no way responsible for lack of sales MERCHANT may experience for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to inclement weather, patron traffic, location of site, location of sales area, etc.

MERCHANT agrees to peace-bind any weapons they are authorized to sell at the time of sale. Weapons that cannot be peace-bound may not be sold without permission from the FAIRE. MERCHANT is aware there is a $25 fine for each instance a weapon is not peace-bound at the time of sale.