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The Connecticut Renaissance Faire®

26th Anniversary Celebration!

Wolf Argent Living History Encampmet

Sept 16 thru Sept 24 only! Visit the living history encampment of Wolf Argent on the Highlands for a taste of what life was like in days of old.

Weapons Training (throughout the day):

Our wandering recruiter sends fairegoers over to the Living History Camp to be trained as pikemen for the Duke of Burgundy. They’ll get a crash course in weapons handling, medieval army regulations, then be paid an enlistment bonus!

Cooking Demonstration (1PM or whatever time you think it should be): 

See authentic medieval recipes prepared over an open fire.

Longbows, Crossbows & Handgonnes (Throughout the Day): 

See the 3 main types of medieval missile weapons and learn how they work, why they were used, and handle functional replicas.

Wandering Recruiter (through the Faire): Be regaled upon to join the army and swear your loyalty to uphold the cause of our lord the Duke of Burgundy! All are welcome. Drunkards and layabouts doubly so.