Volunteer for the FaireThe Connecticut Renaissance Faire is looking for friendly, energetic and enthusiastic individuals to help us make the Faire even more enjoyable for our guests. If you like meeting new people, making friends, giving back to the community and having fun – we’ve got just what you’ve been looking for. Check out these available volunteer opportunities:

  • Setup Crew: If you’re good with a hammer, saw, measuring tape and simple outdoor work we could use your help setting up stages, signs, games, positioning hay bales, hanging signs, etc., starting approximately a week prior to the opening of the show. This may require some heavy lifting.
  • Stage Team: You’ve worked in theater before and understand how to create props, backdrops, stages, etc. You can paint sets and impress people with your talent. If so – we need you over the summer prior to the show.


  • Box Office: Members of the Royal Treasury Guild assist with the sale of tickets. A costume is required for this position.
  • Gaming Area: Members of the Hitting & Stabbing Emporium are responsible for the gaming area. You must be experienced with archery, crossbows, axe throwing, dagger throwing, or spear throwing to assist in this area. You must also be at least 18 years old and have your own costume.
  • Greeters: Members of the Royal Criers Guild greet guests of the Faire at our entry gate, hand out flyers, help with surveys, and provide information to Faire guests. You must be a people person to help in this area. A costume is required for this position.
  • Parking Crew: Direct guests to designated parking areas. Assist security as needed. No costume is required for this position.
  • Runner: During the Faire you are on call to help with various errands on-and-off site. Vehicle required. No costume is required for this position.
  • Security: Assist at the front gate and other control points to insure site security. Security assists the parking crew as needed. No costume is required for this position.
  • Site Cleanup: Members of the Rat Catchers Guild wander the site throughout the day keeping the grounds free of trash. This position may require emptying trash barrels from time to time. This position requires a peasant-style costume.
  • Souvenir Shop: Members of the Royal Treasury Guild assist with the sale of souvenirs in the Information and Souvenir shop. Knowledge of the Faire is required to help in this position as is a costume.


  • Breakdown Crew: Once the Faire ends we have approximately 4 days to break it all down. We need help dismantling stages, storing signs, etc. Any help is appreciated. This may require some heavy lifting.


Volunteers must be at least 18 years old (unless your parent is also a volunteer) and are required to be neatly groomed at all times avoiding extremes in hairstyles, hair color, and jewelry. No swearing; No alcohol or drugs prior to or during your time with us, No smoking while on the Faire grounds; No tardiness when showing up to help. You may have no visible piercings other than ears and must provide your own Renaissance Faire approved costume for volunteer positions that may require them.


  • CAMPING: All volunteers are eligible for free onsite camping (Email our Camping Manager for details) on weekends they are helping.
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE LETTER: If your school requires community involvement as part of its curriculum we’d be happy to provide you with an official letter of service outlining the hours you helped us.
  • TICKETS: Volunteers who request them will receive one (1) General Admission ticket for every day they assist the Faire. Be sure to check in and out with the Volunteer Coordinator to receive your tickets. These tickets will be awarded to you between weekends through our online ticketing system. Tickets earned on the final weekend will be applied to a future show.
  • SPECIAL EVENTS: Volunteers are welcome to stay past Faire close for any after-hours events on days they volunteer. All Volunteers who have helped out during the current year are welcome to attend our annual Participants Party held on Columbus Day weekend.
  • LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION: You may list your service at The Connecticut Renaissance Faire on your resume and request a Letter of Recommendation for future employers if your help is high standard. We take these letters seriously so you’ll really need to shine if you want our seal of approval. Let our Volunteer Coordinator know this is something you’ll be looking for so we can pay close attention to your performance for the best possible recommendation.


When you are ready to help, please email our Volunteer Coordinator at with the following information:

  • REAL NAME: First and Last name please
  • AGE: We need to know your age. “Old as the hills” and other such comments are cute, but don’t help us get to know you better.
  • EMAIL ADDRESS: The email address you’d like us to reach you at.
  • MAILING ADDRESS: We need to know an address to reach you at should the need arise.
  • DAYS YOU CAN HELP: Which dates are you available to help on.
  • TIME YOU CAN HELP: Are you only able to help out for four hours in the morning or afternoon? Can you help all day? Let us know here.
  • AREAS YOU’D LIKE TO HELP WITH: Let us know the top 3-5 areas you’d like to help out with in order of your favorite first. We can’t guarantee you’ll get your top picks, but we always try to accommodate you.

If you’re looking for a possible Letter of Recommendation please let us know in your email. Remember, you must check in and out each day with the Volunteer Coordinator, Tracy, if you want complimentary tickets and/or a solid letter of recommendation. Thanks in advance for your help. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please Note: We will let you know when we’ve received your email and ask any questions as needed. We greatly appreciate it if you should find you are unable to volunteer for any reason down the road that you let us know so we can plan accordingly.