Timeless. Beautiful. Charming. Now is your chance to see for yourself why guests call our old-world marketplace New England’s crown jewel of Renaissance themed arts and crafts. If you like to shop for unique wares you won’t find in any store, you’ll love what our skilled merchants have to offer. As our show approaches this list will continue to grow.

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  • Ancestral French Soaps (on Artisan’s Bend): Our mission is to provide you with soaps, shampoo and detergents uniquely crafted according to old recipes that bring the Earth first above all concerns.
  • At First Touch (on The King’s Road): Offering therapeutic massage to those in need of relief from pain or just looking to relax.
  • Auntie Arwen’s Spices (on The Queen’s Way): Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice is what you’ll find at Auntie Arwen’s Spices. Spice up your meals with a wide selection of unique flavors.
  • Black Swan Armory (on The Queen’s Courtyard): Quality wooden swords & shields with a variety of handcrafted designs to match your style. Perfect for the little ones.
  • Cara Finch Fine Art (on The Shady Lane): Massachusetts artist Cara Finch shows her love of nature and things other-worldly on canvas with amazing works of art.
  • Crimson Chain Leatherworks (on Artisan’s Bend): Handmade Soft Leather garb and accessories for LARP, cosplay & Renaissance Fairs.
  • Chrononaught Mercantile (on the Shady Lane): Costume inspired clothing, jewelry and accessories handcrafted in Maine.
  • Cornerstone Creations (on the Shady Lane): Traditional, whimsical and classic high-grade concrete statuary, benches, birdbaths, stepping stones, and more.
  • Dragon’s Nest Designs (on The Queen’s Courtyard): An assortment of handcrafted pewter jewelry, necklaces, pendants, rings, and more.
  • Drawn & Quartered (on the Shady Lane): comical character sketch of you from the mind of the artist!
  • Dice Knight Adventures (on Wizard’s Walk):  the festival wide RPG! Start a character, roll dice, complete quests and grow in power to experience the Faire like never before!
  • Emazanti Creations Gentlemen’s Clothier (on The Queen’s Courtyard): Gentlemen’s shirts, tunics, vests, trousers and leggings and accessories created by Emazanti.
  • Emazanti Creations (on The Queen’s Courtyard): Amazing creations of clothing and beaded accessories handcrafted by Emma’s Auntie.
  • Enchanted Forest (on The Queen’s Way): Discover what hides in the Enchanted Forest with carved stone animals, stone globes & eggs, amethyst and tone with figurines, and gemstone trees.
  • Eternity Wands, Staves and more (on The Shady Lane): Staves, Sticks and Wands all hand made by Ryan
  • Face Candy Face Painting (on the Shady Lane): Want to look regal? Like a pirate? A princess? This is your chance to get more involved in the fun with or without a costume.
  • Faire Souvenir Shop (at the Front Gate): Show your love for the Faire in our Faire Souvenir Shop with the latest Faire memorabilia to commemorate your visit.
  • Fairey Crown Cottage (on The Queen’s Courtyard) : Handcrafted flowered crowns with the fantasy look you’ve been searching for.
  • Fairie Tailor (on The Highlands): Feel like a noble when you adorn yourself with a hand-painted cloak from Fairie Tailor. Wrap yourself up in velvet and be the envy of all.
  • Fairy Hop Gift Shop (on The Queen’s Way): If you love fairies, you’ll fall in love at the Fairy Hop Gift Shop. It’s a must-see paradise for those with a love for fairy collectibles.
  • Festival Fotos (on Wizard’s Walk): Your friends know it. Your mother tells you all the time. You rule! Now it’s time to prove it by commemorating your awesomeness with a royal portrait.
  • Forge and Fleece (on Artisan’s Bend): handmade chainmail armor, jewelry and fashion accessories
  • Fun Tymes Jewelry (on The Queen’s Way): Fun, Fashionable jewelry at affordable prices.
  • Gypsy Hair (on The King’s Road): Hair braiding, hair falls, and felted hats all hand made the Gypsy Hair way.
  • Gypsy Roses (on The Shady Lane): Romance is in the Faire and there may be no better way to show it than that perfect rose that says, “you’re beautiful to me.” Delivery available.
  • Horns by Lew (on The King’s Road): Whether you’re a willful sprite, mischievous elf, or just someone who likes to have fun, Horns by Lew has the perfect adornment for your head.
  • Kiss Designs (on Artisan’s Bend): We make “eat, drink and be merry” corsets and garb for steampunk, ren faire and cosplay.
  • Knightly Endeavors (on The King’s Road): Knightly Endeavors is a specialty garment company with a strong streak of renaissance clothing.
  • Lame Horse Creations (on Artisan’s Bend): handmade clothing for men and women
  • Larry & Leenie’s Lusty Leather (on The Highlands): Detailed and beautiful leather works including hard leather pouches, custom-designed bodices, quivers, leather maps, and more.
  • Lilla Rose (on Artisan’s Bend): Beautiful, comfortable and versatile hair products you will love!
  • Lost Worlds (on The Highlands): One of a kind, hand-made fairy wings, original fantasy artwork and gift cards
  • Medieval Maiden Soaps (on The Highlands): Natural bar soaps, lip balms and bath bombs made with quality ingredients at an affordable price.
  • Midgard Horn Emporium (on Wizard’s Walk): Drinking horns in different sizes. The perfect way for the warrior in you to quaff a large amount of craft beer!
  • Mischief and Mirth Studios (on Wizard’s Walk): Handcrafted leathers masks just in time for a unique Halloween costume.
  • Mother Earth Gourds / The Creature’s Nest (on The King’s Road): Hand carved & painted gourds for home decoration and functional accessories.
  • Myth (on The Shady Lane): Become a character in the storybook world of Hyraeth – an enchanted realm filled with action, adventure, and intrigue. Your story begins here.
  • Mythical Journeys Adventurers Guild (at The HSE): In a world filled with monsters, magic, and mayhem a call goes out for heroes who can restore balance to the land.
  • Oakvale Emporium (on The Highlands): K2 Specializing in handmade woven tiaras accented with crystals that let your inner royalty shine and potion bottles that will have you always ready for battle.
  • Oignucs Incense (on The Queen’s Way): Follow your nose to a variety of hand-crafted incense cones and sticks as well as a variety of wood and brass holders.
  • Paisley Peacock Body Art (on The King’s Road): Prettify yourself with henna body art from Paisley Peacock Body Art and leave the faire with beautiful art you wear.
  • Pixie Dust (on The Highlands): A beautiful selection of affordable jewelry.
  • Princessories (on The Queen’s Way): poison rings and necklaces for your next rendezvous…
  • Reading by Sally (on The Shady Lane): Sit with Sally and learn what the cards say about you.
  • Ren Boots (on The Shady Lane): we offer the highest quality handmade footwear and renaissance accessories.
  • Rose Star Emporium (at The Four Corners): If you share a passion for purple or just enjoy handcrafted jewelry this is the place for you.
  • Ruth’s Royal Rags & Bags (at The Queen’s Courtyard): Discover handmade pouches shawls, snoods, Afghans, fingerless gloves at Ruth’s Royal Rags & Bags.
  • Sachs & Byrne (on the King’s Road): Feathered roses, poison rings, or jewelry that doubles as a pouch.
  • Scot Shop (on the Shady Lane): Kilts and Accessories for the Highlander…or Highlander wannabe!
  • Shelli Belli Originals Art with Heart (on The Highlands): Affordable art by your favorite Aerialist and Entertainer Extraordinaire. One more way to show your support and love of art!!
  • Sign O’ the Times (on The Highlands): Carved wooden signs with clever phrases.
  • Stone Sisters (on The Shady Lane): Artisan-created, hand-selected, stunning sterling silver metaphysical gemstone jewelry.
  • Sunshine’s Moonlight (on Wizard’s Walk): It’s the candle & soap lady! Handcrafted Candles, Bath and Body works, assorted hodgepodge of shiny smelly witchy things.
  • Tandy Leather (on Artisan’s Bend): See how leather items are actually created before your eyes. Shields, pouches and more will be made during the course of the Faire, so keep checking back!
  • Timeless Entries (on The King’s Road): leather bound journals and diaries of various sizes, designs and colors
  • Tintagel’s Gate Swords (on The Highlands): swords from around the world, fantasy, movies and more!
  • Tintagel’s Forge (on The Highlands): See the master metalsmith hammering all day on various projects.
  • Tintagel’s Magical & Metaphysical (on The Highlands): all things magical!
  • The Illuminated Raven (on Artisan’s Bend): psychic readings by Donna
  • The Mad Hatter (on The Highlands): Hats! Hats! All sorts of hats!
  • The Mad Mailler (on The Queen’s Way): Custom Chainmail Armor, Clothing, Jewelry, and Fun oddities.
  • The Shady Emporium (on The Shady Lane): Accent your attire or decorate your home with hand painted shade on a stick from the Shady Emporium.
  • The Vineyard at Borgo Mediaevale (on The Shady Lane): Sample organic Muscadine Grape Cider crafted by the talented folks from the Vineyard at Borgo Mediaevale.
  • There Was A Star Danced (on Wizard’s Walk): Colored glass lanterns..
  • Warlord’s Crusade (on The Shady Lane): Handcrafted leather armor, bracers, and belts for the ready adventurer.
  • We Keep You in Stitches (on The King’s Road): Discover a host of fantasy creatures waiting to be swept away to their forever home.
  • Whipperwil Archery (on The Highwayman’s Path): Handcrafted bows, arrows, and knives made by Master Archer, Bill Darr.
  • Whistling Winds Whistle Booth (on Artisan’s Bend): Whistling birds tweeting sweet music…to entertain children and drive parents MAD!


We host a variety of guest merchants throughout our run who have products that match our themed weekends. (all guest vendors on The Shady Lane unless otherwise noted)

Dragon artAugust 31 – Sept 2 (Week 1)

  • Nova Luxe Studios: sculptural wire trees and treescapes
  • space still available. contact us TODAY
  • Mark the Hat Man (on Artisan’s Bend): Leather hats with a renaissance and pirate flair.
  • Meet the Author –
    • Saturday: Shawn Flynn:  author of  THE KITTY Who Rescued Me After I Rescued Him
    • Sunday: Mary Lawrence: author of the Bianca Goddard, Alchemist’s Daughter historical mysteries. Set in the final years of Henry VIII’s reign.
    • Monday:  Stephanie Robinson & Jessica Haight: co-authors of the FAIRDAY MORROW series, middle grade books

Sept 7-8 (Week 2)

  • space still available. contact us TODAY
  • Anna’s Infinity Art: handmade stained glass
  • Meet the Author 
    • Saturday: Billie Kowalewski: author of Enlightened and Divided
    • Sunday: Rachel Menard: author of Steel Hand, Cold Heart – a young adult viking fantasy novel

Sept 14-15 (Week 3)

  • Pioneer Chairs: New England made folding chairs and hassocks are crafted with durable hardwoods, African Mahogany and Ash.
  • Anna’s Infinity Art: handmade stained glass
  • Meet the Author
    • Saturday: Sky Boivin: author of The Sisters Two Chronicles: The Queen Faye, the beginnings: Book One, The Alice Poems, and Faye Love Poems
    • Sunday: Deborah Davis: author of Fairly Certain, Fairly Safe, and the upcoming Fairly Obvious, all from her Love of Fairs series.

Sept 21-22 (Week 4)

  • Avé Rivera Studio: handmade pottery with a pop-culture inspiration
  • space still available. contact us TODAY
  • Meet the Author
    • Saturday: Liz Delton: author of The Starless Girl, Under the Full Moon’s Light, and The Arcera Trilogy
    • Sunday: Amber Beaulieu: author of Draconeium

Sept 28-29 (Week 5)

  • Avé Rivera Studio: handmade pottery with a pop-culture inspiration
  • Anna’s Infinity Art: handmade stained glass
  • Meet the Author
    • Saturday: Alyssa Norton: author of Momma Buy Me A China Doll (and artist that created the CTRF Map)
    • Sunday: Ethan Rappaport: author of The Legacy of Ogma, Forging Paradise, and Shadow from the Past

October 5-6 (Week 6)

  • All Fired Up: Handmade pottery by our very own Lady Reddy!
  • Anna’s Infinity Art: handmade stained glass
  • Meet the Author
    • Saturday: Michael Bailey: author of the Well-Behaved Women series, The Action Figures series and more!
    • Sunday: Kim Headlee: author of Dawnflight, Morning’s Journey, and Raging Sea (the Dragon’s Dove Chronicles books 1–3); and stand-alone novels Liberty, Snow in July, and King Arthur’s Sister in Washington’s Court, the sequel to Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.

October 12-14 (Week 7)

  • All Fired Up: Handmade pottery by our very own Lady Reddy!
  • Anna’s Infinity Art: handmade stained glass
  • Meet the Author
    • Saturday: Amanda Davroe: author of The City Steam Collection and The Dark Covenant Series
    • Sunday: Ethan Rappaport: author of The Legacy of Ogma, Forging Paradise, and Shadow from the Past
    • Monday: Jo Kearney: author of The Adventures of Amelia the Astronaut


Our food merchants work hard to offer to cater to the needs of various dietary restrictions. If you can’t find something you’re looking for, check with our information booth.

  • Cannon Ranch Soda: Pour your own with classic flavors like Birch Beer, Orange Cream and much more! (excluding Week 1)
  • Chamber Pot Pub (at the corner of Wizard’s Walk and Drunkard’s Stumble) featuring Thimble Island Craft Beer, Mead from Dragon Fire Meadery, Hard cider from Yankee Cider Company and a variety of flavorful wines
  • Dragon Ice Cream Cart (wandering the shire): A treasure trove of assorted ice cream flavors for our guests on the go. Special doggie ice cream treats for your furry friend.
  • Dragon Ice Cream Stand (at Festival Foods on The Queen’s Way): Discover the dragon’s Ice Cream Lair for freshly made ice cream floats and other frozen treats.
  • Faire Fewds (at Festival Foods on The Queen’s Way): Burgers, hot dogs, chicken & chips, fish & chips and more!
  • Jester’s Bazaar (on Artisan’s Bend): loose candy, dried fruit, honey sticks, rock candy and more!
  • Just Desserts! (at Festival Foods on The Queen’s Way): Got a hankerin’ for something sweet? Try our delicious desserts!
  • Kafe’ Merhaba (on The Queen’s Way): Experience the far East. Turkish coffee, Iced Siamese, baklava, grape leaves, hummus plates and assorted specialty beverages. All items 100% Vegetarian!
  • Majestic Kettle Corn (at The Four Corners): Irresistible kettle corn made fresh. Get yours made fresh and bring a bag home for snacking.
  • Mel’s Magikal Meals (at Festival Foods on The Queen’s Way): Amazing Handmade pies of the sweet or savory variety, bread bowl soups and stews and must-have Scotch Eggs!
  • Middle Earth Taters (on The Shady Lane): Baked potatoes with all the fixins! A full meal in one handy, dandy package.
  • Tiki HutRobere’s Mini Donuts & Coffee (on The Shady Lane): Coffee and Mini-Donuts.
  • Half-Pint Pub (at Festival Foods on The Queen’s Way): craft beer, local cider, fresh mead, sweet wine. Drink up!
  • Shamrock BBQ (on The Shady Lane): Pulled Pork, Brisket,  Baby Back Ribs,  BBQ Chicken,  Dragon’s Balls (meatballs wrapped in bacon),  Mac’n’Cheese w/ pulled pork, Corn Bread, Soda/water
  • Shamrock’s Corned Beef and Wraps (on the Shady Lane): Delicious corned beef on rye. A variety of wraps, too!
  • Sweeney Mel’s on the Hill (at Hillside Foods on The Queen’s Way): Loaded Fries, Poutine and Scotch Eggs!
  • The Giant’s Turkey Legs (at Festival Foods on The Queen’s Way): Treat yourself to the food of king’s – a turkey leg from The Giant’s Turkey Legs. Don’t forget to ask about the Turkey Sundae!
  • The Highland Cafe (on The Highlands): Coffee, mini-Donuts, and The King’s Nuts (roasted and sweet…just how you like em).
  • The Pickle Place (on The Queen’s Way): Chase away the heat of the day with a crisp, cool pickle from The Pickle Place.
  • The Pint of No Return (by the Joust Arena): All the great beverages from The Chamber Pot AND hot cider w/rum!
  • The Tiki Hut (on The Shady Lane): So sweet. So cool. So delicious. Try their fresh pineapple or strawberry smoothies made with fresh ingredients on the spot.

Notice: Merchants who register at the last minute may not appear on this list. Discover them as you explore the Faire. All shops subject to change without notice.