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Meet Our Directors

Our directors are professionals in the theatre field overseeing and orchestrating our production. Their role is to ensure the quality and completeness of our cast show by leading the creative team members.

Dan Kostelec
Dan KostelecDirector
Dan Kostelec is a veteran of performing, writing, and directing at renaissance faires for nearly 20 years, most of them as your friendly, neighbourhood Shakespeare with his show “Shakespeare Approves!” Creating magical memories for the young and the young at heart is why we do this, and he’s so very happy, humbled, and honored to join the artistic team for the triumphant 2021 season!
Suzanne Sacks
Suzanne SacksDirector
Suzanne Sacks is co-director of the Crown Players at the CTFaire and will also be performing this season. Her 30+ years in interactive theatre began at The Sterling Renaissance Festival under the direction of Gary Izzo, and continued onto Disney as part of the Hollywood themed cast at the Studios. Earlier this year she was directing at Robin Hood’s Faire in Ct and then immediately went to Sterling where she has portrayed Elizabeth Tudor as well as instructed the cast for years. With stage and screen experience too, it seems Suzanne’s true joy comes from the live events that draw people into the fantasy.

2021 Cast Credits

Our players are professional performers portraying various townsfolk who make up the village where the Faire takes place. Through the guidance of our directors, players learn multiple skills necessary for the actor’s role.

Nick Hargrave has been with the Connecticut Renaissance Faire for four seasons and has enjoyed varied experiences in theatre and other ghoulish pursuits. He is reprising his role as Giddy Gloom, the town undertaker.

Spencer Stribling is beyond excited to be returning to the CT Renfaire scene. Having previously appeared as Alan-a-Dale at Robin Hoods Faire, this time he’ll be appearing as Douglas Doom, the Town Executioner.

Noah Herington is a student at the University of Connecticut studying chemical engineering. This year, he will be joining the cast of the Connecticut Renaissance Fair for the first time as Christopher Hatton

Victoria Sun is a graduate of Arts at The Capitol Theatre Magnet High School as well as The University of Connecticut. She is excited to begin her debut in 2021 at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire as Lady Mary Sidney Herbert, Countess of Pembroke, lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth.

Jack’s theatre experience includes: set and lighting design, construction, sound tech and acting. He is the technical and asset manager for The Orange Players. Jack has worked for the San Francisco Renaissance Faire and CTRF in the support and technical realms. This will be his 3 rd CTRF faire as an actor. He is absolutely thrilled to be a part of the cast, bringing Sir George Douglas, Earl of Angus to life! Huzzah!!

Lyndsey Luther has been making costumes since 2003, and has competed in many costume contests across the country and internationally. This is her fifth year involved in faire and she’s incredibly excited to be back as Jenny Austen Pendragon, storyteller of the realm.

Sydney Sebastian is an Anthropology student at Central Connecticut State University who spends most of my their free time enjoying musical theatre and playing Dungeons and Dragons. This will be Sydney’s first year at The Connecticut Renaissance Faire in the role of  Paulie Pester, the Queen’s Court Jester.

Eileen Goretaya is a seasoned community theatre actor, Renaissance faire performer, and lifelong backstage techie. She has been performing for most of her life and  believes in the power of community engagement. She is thrilled to be back at The Connecticut Renaissance Faire for her third season and is looking forward to once again being a part of the Crown Players as Mary, Queen of Scots.

Valerie Dunn is a retired Air Force Veteran, pursuing her career in voice over work with a passion for all unique stories past & present. Her dream is to record a series of children’s books one day. This is her first Renaissance Faire as she steps into the role of Emma Doula, the village midwife.

Adrianna is thrilled to be back for her third season in the role of Queen Elizabeth the First (seventh in total) with the Connecticut Renaissance Faire company. Adrianna studied theater with the University of New Hampshire, she is a bilingual actress making the trip annually from the Boston, MA, area and she can not wait to join this fabulous cast and crew in making our audiences smile.

Josh Karam is an Actor/Musician with a B.F.A in Music Theater from the Hartt School. This Summer Josh Played Arthur Sprunt the Thief in the Wildwood Players at Sterling, and is excited to move up the social ladder and be Sir Francis Walsingham, Her Majesty’s spymaster.

Mandy has been writing since she was 10 and hopes to finish a book and get it published. She has always been interested in performing and this will be her first role as the Town Scribe/Crier.

While Christine Derham is new to the Crown Players and the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, she has been attending Faires since a teen (a very long time ago) and had the privilege to be part of the Texas Renaissance Festival performance group for three seasons.  She looks forward to being part of the team that makes CTRF a magical and memorable experience for all who visit as Lady Kat Ashley, Her Majesty’s Lady-in-Waiting.

Doug has been involved in community theater for the past 16 years, appearing in 28 plays, staged readings and musicals. He’s thrilled to appear as the Lord High Mayor of Lebanonshire, Alan FitzAlan, in this year’s Connecticut Renaissance Faire.  Huzzah!!
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