9 Things You’ll Miss if You Miss the Faire

3We apologize in advance for only choosing 9 things you’d miss if you miss the Faire. There are definitely a lot more shows and events we wanted to point out, but can’t put them all in this article. Plus, our entertainment list continues to grow as the show approaches.

Check out our list of current shows

  1. A Midsummer’s Night Musical: If you’re one of the many people who saw last year’s musical it is likely you’ll also find yourself enjoying this show more than once. A Midsummer’s Night Musical is filled with comedic genius, talented performers, fun songs, and a slew of reasons to laugh so hard you cry.
  2. Bill Darr: Master archer, Bill Darr, returns to Connecticut to demonstrate skill with a longbow that is so unbelievable you’ll wonder if it’s magic.
  3. Book Signings: Each day of our show a different fantasy author will host a special book signing from 1-3 pm. Talk to the author, purchase a book and have it signed, and maybe even get a selfie together if there is time. Take a look at who we have lined up.
  4. Halloween Knights: It’s scary to think that we’ve not only added an extra evening of Halloween Knights, but also that it is included with your same-day admission to the Faire. See what Halloween Knights is all about if you’re not too afraid…
  5. Scott Xavier: On our opening-and-closing weekends, Scott Xavier will enchant you with his unique mix of mentalism, hypnotism, and comedy. Scott has hypnotized us to say that his show is completely out of this world awesome so you have to see it. Must… see… it.
  6. The Lost Boys: We struggled to get this in-demand Renaissance boy band back for years. Now this popular high-energy group from 1299 returns to our show to bring you a unique blend of original music, and traditional folk tunes, along with contemporary and classic rock n’ roll parodies with a renaissance flair. You’ll be singing along and dancing in no time. October 8, 9, 10 Only.
  7. The Queen’s Feast: We’re not surprised when the Queen’s Feast sells out fast. Where else can you attend an exclusive event-within-an-event that includes a multi-course feast and private entertainment for adults only? The cost of this Queen’s Feast is already unbelievable and our ticket sale only sweetens the deal. Learn more about the Queen’s Feast. October 8 & 9 Only.
  8. The Rogues: Equally as difficult to pin down has been The Rogues, but now our show will resonate with the awesome sound of bagpipes and high-energy songs. These talented performers will be rocking the house on our final weekend. October 29, 30 only.
  9. Traditions of Chinese Acrobatics: Watch in awe as the incredible Li Liu performs acrobatic feats of strength, juggling, and balance that will leave you pinned to the edge of your seat.

There is more to the Faire than just continuous entertainment all day on stage and in the street. It’s your chance to laugh, interact with performers, take fun pictures, and share fond memories that are part of every day with us. So gather up your friends and family, order your tickets online, and come spend an unforgettable day with us in the past.

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