10 Fantasy Authors You’ll Want to Meet

New England Fantasy Authors

Thanks to movies like Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter, the fantasy genre has become more popular than ever. At the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, we’ve organized a daily “Meet the Author” event at our 2016 performance where you can show your support for the fantasy genre, chat with the author, buy a book and get it signed and maybe even take a selfie together. Here are some of the outstanding authors we are bringing attention to this season:

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C.A. Cooke

Connecticut fantasy author, C.A. Cooke is best known for his book Dragonfaerie that chronicles the life of a 15-year-old boy from Iowa and his travels in a mystical world he was taken to. Cooke is a trained naturalist, spiritualist, and philosopher.

Liz Delton

Meadowcity is the latest book from Connecticut Fantasy author, Liz Delton. It’s a story about Sylvia Thorne, a rider delivering messages between the Four Cities. Her life changes when she unknowingly delivers a declaration of war. What will this mean for the four cities of Arcera? Liz resides in what some would call “The middle of the woods.” Could this be where she got her inspiration for The Wilds – the lands between the Four Cities? Now is your chance to find out.

Suzanne Cordatos

If you’ve been looking something new and original to read to your kids as a family tradition, take a look at Sneeze Fire – a children’s book about a dragon, Willard, who has a bad cold that creates a bit of tension between he and his friends. Suzanne has a degree in English Literature from Bowling Green State University and works for international student admissions for Sacred Heart University, located in Fairfield, CT.

Deborah Ann Davis

When nineteen-year-old computer geek Petir Capota falls out of a tree, he awakens to find himself back in the days of Robin Hood. Follow his struggles with Maid Rianne and see if this is all just a dream or he really did travel to a different place and time. Deborah Ann Davis writes Quirky New/Young Adult Fiction with a Twist.

Kim Headlee

Virginia fantasy author, Kim Headlee, is no stranger to fantasy novels. She started her Dawnflight series back in 1999 and hasn’t looked back. Her latest paperback, “King Arthur’s Sister in Washington’s Court” won the 2016 IPBA Benjamin Gold Medal for Science Fiction & Fantasy. The story is about the only major character in Mark Twain’s well-known novel, “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” that wasn’t killed off: Morgan le Fay. See what happens when she casts a powerful spell to take her to 1879 Connecticut in this enchanting story of time travel and magic.

A.L. Davroe

A popular virtual reality game, Nexis, is the only escape for a naturally-born teenager named Ella. There she learns the game isn’t quite what everyone thinks it is. Discover what Ella learns in A.L. Davroe’s latest novel. Davroe resides in Connecticut with her cats and has written several books with a focus on science fiction.

J.M. Aucoin

Darion Delerue, former soldier turned highwayman, has only two things of value—the hope in his heart and the steel at his side. After a heist on a royal ambassador goes wrong, Darion is thrown into a political plot to undermine the crown, pitting his old life as an honorable soldier against his new life as a highwayman. His actions could send France back into civil war, but do they? J.M. Aucoin’s “Honor Among Thieves” is a gripping tale of daring sword-play and political intrigue, with superb historical detail of 17th Century France that’ll have readers ready to draw their swords and fight for glory! Aucoin is fencer, actor, and full-time nerd who writes swashbucklers & historical adventure novels.

E.A. Rappaport

An evil spirit, trapped within a volcano for centuries, escapes its fiery prison with a vow to destroy all life. When no one else believes such devastation is possible, a young wizard and his companions are forced to oppose the powerful creature on their own. Lyche is Book Six in Legends of the Four Races, a series of nine high fantasy novels that form an Interlocking Matrix of six separate trilogies. Lyche may be read on its own, as the third book of The Transmuter Trilogy, or as the second book of The Necromancer Trilogy. Rappaport graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. He works as a software engineer for a financial services consulting firm in New York and is a lifelong resident of Orange, Connecticut.

Michael Bailey

In the land of Asaches, there are great men and women who have changed the course of history. Their adventures are honored in song; their names are spoken with a reverence normally reserved for the gods; their heroic deeds have elevated them to the status of living legends. And then there are these guys… Derek Strongarm and Felix Lightfoot are two hard-luck adventurers for hire looking for their big break — or an excuse to retire before they get killed. The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot, the new series from author Michael Bailey (Action Figures), is an irreverent take on the fantasy genre. Get ready for an epic tale filled with action, magic, monsters, quests, treasure, inconveniently located ancient artifacts of great power, curiously specific prophecies, and dangerously rickety rope bridges that someone really should have repaired a long time ago. Bailey resides in Massachusetts where he has been working as a writer since 1998.

Amber Boccetti

All was quiet. Hundreds of Corrigon were dead and sprawled across the field. The scepter was smoking as General Viane approached it with caution. The stone on the top of it was now completely shattered. He stared into the faces of the others who were stricken with worry as to whether or not the royal family had made it safely through the portal. All they could do now, was wait to see what the fate of their world would be. Connecticut Author, Amber Boccetti took upon herself to “reinvent the wheel” and began writing stories with fairies and dragons, shortly after she received her master’s degree. If she is not working on her latest story, you will find her on an adventure with her daughter.

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