Thank you for your interest in becoming a merchant the Connecticut Renaissance Faire. We are pleased to have some of the finest artisans and welcome your application to our annual event.


We are looking for artisans & crafters, food merchants and a limited number of resale items. These are some of the things we are looking for in our merchants.

  • Faire Experience: You have attended a Renaissance Faire as a patron, have your own costume, and understand what it takes to work at a Renaissance Festival.
  • General Experience: Sales isn’t new to you. You have sold your wares at a craft show or Renaissance Faire in the past.
  • Demos: It is a plus if you are able to demonstrate your craft to the public in an informative, entertaining, and educational way.
  • E-List: It is a plus if you have a substantial email list you can network to your customers with.
  • Engaging: You understand how important it is to play a role, engage customers in a friendly manner and offer Faire guests an enjoyable shopping experience they can’t get in a regular store. You can hawk your wares tactfully without being a pushy salesperson.
  • Facebook: It is a plus if your business has a Facebook Fan Page. The more fans the bigger the plus. While you’re here, check out ours.
  • Go Getter: You actively work to bring awareness of your booth at our show to the public using the methods shown on our Tell a Friend page and other means at your disposal including Facebook, emailing lists, etc. You’d like to do this for a living and are not satisfied with a “happy to just break even” attitude.
  • Handcrafted: Preference goes to artisans and crafters whose wares are 90% handmade by them.
  • Locals: It is a plus if you are from the New England, New York or New Jersey area.
  • Recommendations: It is a plus if one or more of our current merchants recommend your work.
  • Team Player : You are someone who follows the rules and wants to work with the Faire toward mutual success.
  • Website: It is a plus if you have a website that features your business.
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