Costumes Not Required

Sometimes I think we’re too clever for our own good when we write fancy things like, “Come as you are or as you wish to be” on our website or Facebook. All that fancy phrase means is “wear what makes you happy and come enjoy the show.” We get asked the question often though: Do I have to dress up to go to the Faire? The short, simple answer is: No. You don’t.

Of course, we don’t want to discourage you from dressing the part if you enjoy it. If you’re having fun, treat yourself to a costume piece or accessory to start your collection. Sometimes all you need to show your Faire spirit is something simple like a flowered head wreath, a shirt, leather bracers, chainmail jewelry, horns, fairy wings, or maybe even mystical shoulder puppet. If you treat yourself to one item every time you visit, you’ll eventually have the perfect outfit for you. And an impressive outfit it will be.

So what’s the point?

Our guests who take their Faire experience to the next level by dressing the part tell us they enjoy the show even more. They’re more immersed in the fun and overall experience, plus they feel more like they’ve stepped back in time. Not to mention they look awesome in pictures. Having a cool outfit is a great reason to get your picture taken in our photo booth and it increases the chances our team of pro-photographers will catch your image as you wander the Faire. Always a plus for great memories!

So, if you have a costume – we’d love to see it! If you don’t – no worries. We’ll all have a lot of fun either way. And if you decide you want to step further into the fun, our merchant bazaar has just what you’re looking for.

Check out our growing list of merchants.

About the Author:

The Connecticut Renaissance Faire runs every weekend and Columbus Day in October, 2016, on the North Haven Fairgrounds (10:30am to 6pm).

Eric J Tetreault is a long-time Renaissance Faire enthusiast, event organizer, content marketer and inbound media specialist with over 20 years’ experience marketing events and attractions in New England. A Freemason, he is passionate about helping people by organizing grassroots, charitable events. When his day job in marketing ends, he spends his time merging his passion for photography, website design, and graphic design into new and exciting projects.