Timeless. Beautiful. Charming. Now is your chance to see for yourself why guests call our old-world marketplace New England’s crown jewel of Renaissance themed arts and crafts. If you like to shop for unique wares you won’t find in any store, you’ll love what our skilled merchants have to offer. As our show approaches this list will continue to grow. Merchants who register at the last minute may not appear on this list or in our event program so be sure to keep your eyes open as you shop.

All shops subject to change without notice.

Paisley Peacock Body Art

Prettify yourself with henna body art from Paisley Peacock Body Art and leave the faire with beautiful art you wear. Take your henna to the next level with their unique glitter enhancements that will make people say WOW!

Dragon Ice Cream Stand

If the Ice Cream Dragon is nowhere to be found, look for his Ice Cream Lair for freshly made ice cream floats and other frozen treats.

Lost Worlds – two weekends only!

Sept 16, 17 & Oct 7-9 only! One of a kind, hand-made fairy wings, original fantasy artwork and gift cards

Peace Fur

Peace Fur sources fur from some of the 365 Million wild animals lost on American roads each year to provide fur for clients who prefer animals also have free will to choose how they live. Check out their handmade pieces or get something you already own trimmed with guilt free [...]

Gypsy Hair

Hair braiding, hair falls, and felted hats all hand made the Gypsy Hair way.

Mike’s Vending

Italian Sausage w/ onions & peppers, hot dogs, steak on a stick, steak & cheese, chicken tenders, french fries, fried dough, fried Oreos

Rose Star Emporium

If you share a passion for purple or just enjoy handcrafted jewelry this is the place for you.

B3 Imagination Studio

B3 Imagination Studio is a membership based workshop and Maker Space specializing in Live Action Role Playing (LARP), SCA, and other imaginative projects https://www.facebook.com/pg/B3ImaginationStudio

Larry & Leenie’s Lusty Leather

The detail and beauty of the leatherworks at Lusty Leather are awe-inspiring. These masters of their craft handcraft hard leather pouches, custom-designed bodices, quivers, leather maps, knife bracers, and other quality creations.

Archery Lanes at HSE

Fancy yourself a Katniss? Perhaps a Legolas? Maybe Crow (points for this reference) or how about Merida? This is your chance to prove it! Check out the Archery Lanes at The Hitting & Stabbing Emporium!

The Shady Emporium

Accent your attire or decorate your home with hand painted shade on a stick from the Shady Emporium. #CTFAIRE

Dragon’s Nest Designs

An assortment of handcrafted pewter jewelry, necklaces, pendants, rings, and more.

Donkey Rides – Weekends 4-6 only!

Sept 23 - Oct 9 - Mount your noble steed and ride to battle...or maybe just take a tour of the shire. Donkey rides will be available starting on our 4th weekend.

Your Ugly Mug

Wooden mugs for your ale swiggin' needs!

Adventure Tomes

Handcrafted leather-bound tomes for the adventurer in all of us.

Sunshine’s Moonlight

Its the candle & soap lady! Handcrafted Candles, Bath and Body works, assorted hodge podge of shiny smelly witchy things.

Knightly Endeavors

Knightly Endeavors is a specialty garment company with a strong streak of renaissance clothing.

Festival Fotos

You friends know it. Your mother tells you all the time. You rule! Now its time to prove it by commemorating your awesomeness with a royal portrait from Festival Fotos. They'll dress you in your royal attire - crown and all - and place you in front of a castle where you belong.

Black Rose Victoria – Three Weekends only !

Sept 2 thru Sept 17 only! Handcrafted Victorian style jewelry with a steampunk flair.

Cornerstone Creations

Offering a huge array of traditional, whimsical and classic high grade concrete statuary, benches, birdbaths, stepping stones, planters, wall & fence hangings, memorial stones, birdfeedes and so much more.

Cara Finch Fine Art – Two Weekends Only!

Sept 2 thru Sept 10 only! Massachusetts artist Cara Finch shows her love of nature and things other-worldly on canvas with amazing works of art.

Fairy Hop Gift Shop

For those who like fairies you're going to fall in love at the Fairy Hop Gift Shop. It's a must-see paradise for those with a love for fairy collectibles.

Whipperwil Archery

Handcrafted bows, arrows, and knives made by Master Archer, Bill Darr. #CTFAIRE

Fairey Crown Cottage

Fairey Crown Cottage has handcrafted flowered crowns with the fantasy look you've been searching for.

Horns by Lew

Whether you're a willful sprite, mischievous elf, or just someone who likes to have fun, Horns by Lew has the perfect adornment for your head. Stop by and use the mirror to see how good you look in these handcrafted horns made by Lew.

Ruth’s Royal Rags & Bags

Discover handmade pouches shawls, snoods, Afghans, fingerless gloves at Ruth's Royal Rags & Bags.

Mel’s Magikal Meals

Handmade pies

Auntie Arwen’s Spices

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice is what you'll find at Auntie Arwen's Spices. Spices have long been used to make anything taste better so spice up your meals with a wide selection of unique flavors from Auntie Arwen's Spices. Once you try them you'll be back for more.

Axes, Daggers and Spears! Oh My!

Try your hand at throwing axes, daggers, spears and hurlbats at dangerous and threatening walls of wood! Show them who's boss! Some of the Hitting and Stabbing Emporium's most classic games of skill!

We Keep You in Stitches

Discover a host of fantasy creatures handcrafted by We Keep You in Stitches. Gargoyles, unicorns, imps, elves, hobbits, mermaids, beanbag dragons and more wait to be swept away to their forever home.

Archery Tag

Grab your bow and archer's helmet and get ready to see who the best archer really is. Is it you?

Fairy Transformations – Sept 23-24 only!

Sept 23-24 only! Fairy wings, wands, ears, tutus, and hats. Fairy Transformations has just what your Fairy Godmother said you should wear.

The Tiki Hut

So sweet. So cool. So delicious. You need to stop by the Tiki Hut to try their fresh pineapple or strawberry smoothies made with fresh ingredients on the spot.


Princessories are purveyors of Austrian crystal jewelry, sterling silver, and fine English pewter. Sometimes referred to as "Shiny things."

Running Dog Pottery

Handcrafted pottery inspired by history. Jewelry and supplies. https://www.facebook.com/rdpottery/

Pegasus Chain Maille

Inspiration abounds at Pegasus! Stomp by for fresh classics in chain maille jewelry, apparel and accessories for men and women. Artfully designed and traditionally handwrought by a muse-ridden metalsmith. For more information visit pegasuschainmaille.com.

Artisan of Touch

Offering therapeutic massage to those in need of relief from pain or just looking to relax.

Mythical Journeys Adventurers Guild

In a world filled with monsters, magic, and mayhem a calls goes out for heroes who can restore balance to the land. Get more information on Mythical Journeys and discover how you can play an adventurer in a live fantasy game setting in Connecticut. #CTFAIRE

Dark Rain Design – Sept 30 & Oct 1 Only!

Sept 30-Oct 1 only! We’re a husband-and-wife pair of artists (Sterling & the Professor) who enjoy creating the slightly off-beat and frequently whimsical (if not downright demented).

The Giant’s Turkey Legs

Treat yourself to the food of king's - a turkey leg from The Giant's Turkey Legs. Don't forget to ask about the Turkey Sundae! It's another great taste you'll love.

Mother Earth Gourds / The Creature’s Nest

Mother Earth Gourds hand carves and paints a variety of gourds for home decoration and functional accessories. Stop in an say hello.

Tintagel’s Gate Swords

Thanks to Tintagel's gate, you can enhance your collection of swords and knives from various movies and books. Stop in and check out their amazing selection. #CTFAIRE

Majestic Kettle Corn

Oh so sweet with just a hint of salt - it's what makes Majestic Kettle Corn so incredibly irresistible. Get yours made fresh and bring a bag home for snacking.

Warlord’s Crusade

Handcrafted leather armor, bracers, and belts for the ready adventurer.

Lolly’s Hair Braiding – Three Weekends Only!

Sept 9-10, 30, Oct 1, 7-9 - You'll feel good and look beautiful doing it when you have your hair braided at Hair Braiding by Lolly. #CTFAIRE

There Was A Star Danced


Dress to impress with an assortment of handmade attire and accessories for men and women at Tatterdemalion. #CTFAIRE

HSE’s Smite the Knight

Do you have what it takes to beat the biggest, bravest, most brash knight at the Hitting and Stabbing Emporium? Take up arms and see if you have what it takes to smote...smitten...smith...BEAT THEM!

Dragon Ice Cream Cart

I scream. You scream. We all scream when it comes to dragons and ice cream. Dragon Ice Cream is your Faire stop for a treasure trove of assorted ice cream flavors for our guests on the go. On pet weekend, the dragon has special doggie ice cream treats for your furry friend. [...]

Faire Gift Shop

Show your love for the Faire in our Faire Gift Shop with the latest Faire memorabilia to commemorate your visit. #CTFAIRE

Kafe’ Merhaba

Experience a taste sensation from the far East that will keep you coming back for more at Kafe' Merhaba. Turkish coffee, Iced Siamese, baklava, falafels and assorted Turkish Delight. Stay the day so you can try them all. Vegetarian options available. 

Sachs & Byrne

If you're in need of a feathered rose, a poison ring, or jewelry that doubles as a pouch, you're in luck at Sachs & Byrne.

Face Candy Facepainting

Want to look regal? Like a pirate? Like a princess? Whatever you decide, have your face adorned with face painting by Face Candy. It's your chance to get more involved in the fun if you decided not to wear a costume or a great way to accent your already fashionable ensemble.

Swamp Yankee Comb Company

handcrafted wooden and acrylic combs for beards or hair

Shamrock’s Bloomin’ Onion Booth

Get a Bloomin' Onion with all the fixings!

Faire Pubs with Craft Beer

Stop by any of our Faire Pubs and try a variety of ice cold craft brews made locally in Connecticut by the Thimble Island Brewing Company. If you like craft beer, you're going to love this. #CTFAIRE 

Medieval Maiden Soaps

Medieval Maiden Soaps makes natural bar soaps, lip balms and bath bombs made with quality ingredients at an affordable price. #CTFAIRE


Handmade shawls, scarves and more

Fairie Tailor

You'll feel like a noble when you adorn yourself with a hand-painted cloak from Fairie Tailor. Wrap yourself up in velvet and be the envy of all. 

Black Swan Armory

Quality wooden swords & shields with a variety of handcrafted designs to match your style. Perfect for the little ones.

K2 Steam

K2 Steam specializes in handmade woven tiaras accented with crystals that let your inner royalty shine and potion bottles that will have you always ready for battle. #CTFAIRE


Join us for an amazing interactive LARP that turns your whole faire experience into a giant game! Earn experience points and level up as a warrior, rogue or wizard. Join us on quests throughout the day.

The Pickle Place

Chase away the heat of the day with a crisp, cool pickle from The Pickle Place. Taste the crunch.

Oignucs Incense

You'll often find the sweet smell of Oignucs Incense wafting through the Faire enticing you to visit. And you should. Follow your nose to a variety of hand-crafted incense cones and sticks as well as  a variety of wood and brass holders. 

Tintagel’s Forge

Watch our resident blacksmith forge a variety of items on-demand throughout the day at Tintagel's Forge, learn a few things about this amazing craft, and maybe get something during your visit.

Tavern Brawl Drinking Horns

Drinking horns in different sizes. What better way for the warrior in you to quaff a large amount of craft beer? I can't think of any...

Mischief and Mirth Studios

Handcrafted leathers masks just in time for a unique Halloween costume.

Emazanti Creations Gentlemen’s Clothier

Gentlemen’s shirts, tunics, vests, trousers and leggings and accessories created by Emazanti.

Tintagel’s Magic Shop

Tintagel's Magic Shop is home to wood-carved magic wands, polished minerals, and anything an aspiring caster might need. Stop by for a spell and see what they have in store for you.

Land of Awws

Hand turned wood ornaments, boxes, bud vases and more.

Shamrock BBQ

Sink your teeth into Shamrock's succulent barbecued meats. Pulled Pork, Brisquet,  Baby Back Ribs,  BBQ Chicken,  Dragon's Balls (meatballs wrapped in bacon),  Mac'n'Cheese w/ pulled pork, Corn Bread, Soda/water

The Mad Mailler

Custom Chainmaille Armor, Clothing, Jewelry, and Fun oddities. We love how chainmaille lets us share our joy with you... stop in and take a look!

Oakstar Boots

Boots for Men and Women handmade here in the USA. If you need boots...THESE are the boots you've been waiting for.

Hitting and Stabbing Emporium

Looking for a challenge? The Hitting and Stabbing Emporium is where it's at. Archery, Archery Tag, Axe Throwing, Dagger Toss, Spear Throw, Smite the Knight and more. Ask them about their daily archery contest and axe throwing competition to win some incredible prizes. See for yourself why this area is so popular.


Romance is in the Faire and there may be no better way to show it than to present someone special that perfect rose that says, "you're beautiful to me." Roses can also be delivered with a personal note or even anonymously.

Fun Tymes Jewelry

Fun, Fashionable jewelry at affordable prices.

Emazanti Creations

Amazing creations of clothing and beaded accessories handcrafted by Emma's Auntie.

Pearl Odyssey

Delve into the depths of our portable sea and discover a pearl of your own at Pearl Odyssey! Hand crafted pearl treasures from the sea make unforgettable gifts.